High Value Features

With an affordable price tag

We would like you to see the best boiler control system on the market. You may not believe it but it’s true. How can wesay that? Because it has all of the features of a fully engineered PLC system at the price of a basic programmer system.

BoilerTEK™ has features such as:

  • Color touchscreen display
  • Built-in Alarm Management System
  • Dynamic Graphics
  • Trending
  • Password protected tuning displays
  • Password protected f(x) curves for online fuel/air ratio and O2 curve tuning
  • Surge suppression with failure alarm
  • Flow totalizing, and more!

The Advanced Burner Management portion of BoilerTEK™ has features such as:

  • First out annunciator
  • Limit and alarm page
  • Countdown timers for purge, pilot, main fuel
  • Indication for POC Hi/Lo fire, flame, and all inputs and outputs
  • Running hours timer
  • History of the last ten trips
  • Ready light, and more!


We use the fastest PLC in the world which comes with an unbelievable three year warranty. And the architecture of the PLC provides for BMS and Combustion Control to use separate processors per NFPA recommendations.

By using preconfigured blockware which we have developed for any boiler application, we can easily select the blocks required for your system, download to the PLC, test it, and ship it out. Once delivered, by using our simple second level password protected setup screens your qualified technician can easily set up the BoilerTEK™ for operation.

BoilerTEK™ was designed by operating and maintenance people. It gives an operator all the information he needs to run his boiler safely and efficiently. It also provides your service people or your customer’s maintenance personnel with the information they need to quickly locate and repair problems.

Do you need a boiler control system that is easy to install, set up, and operate? An inexpensive, feature loaded system that practically sells itself? And most importantly, a system that has significant profit margin potential? Consider being a BoilerTEK™ representative.

Did you know?

oxygen trim

BoilerTEKTM with an Oxygen Trim option can save you tons of money

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Use Remote Access to check on your plant at any time from your home or office.

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ns cis ys1000

BoilerTEK™ Programmable Single Loop Controller

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