Catalog Description

of the BoilerTEK™ boiler management system

Burner Management System Fuel

  • NG-Select for natural gas fired boiler
  • 2F-Select for number two(2) oil fired boiler
  • 4F-Select for number four(4) oil fired boiler
  • 6F-Select for number six(6) oil fired boiler


  • 1B, 2B, etc.-Select for number of burners per boiler


  • 1S or 2S-Select the number of scanners required


  • DS-Select if digital scanner with 4-20ma output is desired (Displays on analog meter)
  • SS-Select if a monitored surge suppressor is desired (Failure displays on screen)

Combustion Control System

  • PM-Select if you require a controller to provide a demand signal to one or more boilers based on plant header pressure
  • BM-Select if a signal is already being provided by an existing plant master
  • JS-Select if air and fuel are operated through common linkage from a single actuator
  • PL-Select if fuel and F.D. actuators operate independently from a common signal
  • CL-Select if fuel flow and air flow are metered
  • TM-Select if Oxygen Trim is desired
  • VM-Select if Oxygen Trim will be implemented through a variable speed drive to the fan motor
  • L1-Select if one element is desired (requires drum level measurement)
  • L2-Select if two element is desired (requires drum level and steam flow measurement)
  • L3-Select if three element drum level is required (requires above metering plus feed flow)
  • ID-Select if boiler is negative draft type (requires draft transmitter)

Optional Control Systems

  • LL-Select if automatic boiler sequencing based on load requirements is desired
  • AI-Select if additional analog inputs are desired
  • IF-Select if an interface to an existing HVAC or other system is required
  • RM-Select if remote pager or cell phone text messaging for alarms is required
  • DA-Select if a Data Acquisition System is required

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