Coen Upgrade

Bringing your converted boiler into the 21st century

One of the more common applications we encounter are Coen burners adapted to existing field erected boilers. They range in size from 10k PPH through 150k PPH. In most cases, the boiler was converted from coal firing to oil and natural gas. Because these conversions were done from the late 50's through the early 80's, most of the burner management and combustion control systems, if still being used, are worn out with no parts available (and possibly unsafe to operate).

The BoilerTEK™ sytem is literally made for these applications. As you can see in the before and after photos below, it is a straightforward and simple way to bring your boiler controls into the 21st century.

coen 1

One of the better systems available in its day


coen 2

Dozens of parts and none are available any longer


coen 3

Simple, user friendly, and totally informative


coen 4

Spare parts are available from any electrical supplier


coen 5

The fastest PLC in the world with a three year warranty!


In this particular installation, an FM approved* programmer was required. The new system looks great and works even better.

*Check with your insurer for their requirements.

Did you know?

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Use Remote Access to check on your plant at any time from your home or office.

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BoilerTEK™ Programmable Single Loop Controller

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