Upgrade for

the Honeywell 7700

honeywell 1

They don’t make it anymore


honeywell 2

There are no parts available


honeywell 4

Slides right into the same space


honeywell 5

It is the same size but it does ten times as much


honeywell 12

Plain View of Limits w/ first out and Alarms


honeywell 11

Complete startup sequence - No more guesswork


honeywell 9

Typical dynamic boiler graphics


honeywell 8

Touch a loop and you are there


honeywell 13



honeywell 14

Alarms w/ date and time stamp



Our BoilerTEK™ replacement for the obsolete Honeywell 7700 system has the following features:

  1. Pre-engineered system replaces the features of the Honeywell 7700 system plus many more such as:
    • Color touch screen display
    • First out annunciator with all limits displayed
    • History of the last ten trips
    • Count down timers for purge, pilot, and main flame
    • Full input, output, and sequence displayed
    • Full alarming with history and time stamp
    • Multiple trends
    • Standard M/A displays with multi speed manual and setpoint adjustment or keypad entry
    • Run time hours display
  2. Complete preassembled sub-panel simply replaces the existing sub-panel.
  3. Easy to follow NFPA79 guided drawings supplied with each system.
  4. Dual level password protected access for initial system setup and on line fuel/air ratio curve setting and tuning.
  5. The BoilerTEK™ system is designed to be installed by your electrician and commissioned by your I&C Technician or Boiler Technician.
  6. The BoilerTEK™ system can optionally be supplied with the communications of your choice such as; MODBUS, LON, OPC, etc.

The BoilerTEK™ solution for the Honeywell 7700 upgrade uses the latest technology with the capabilities of a full sized DCS system for the price of an off the shelf programmer. AND OUR PLC COMES WITH A THREE YEAR WARRANTY!

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