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What is a boiler Hybrid - Advanced Oxygen Trim System and what does it do?  The Automobile Hybrid concept combines electric energy and energy from fuel for power.

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The BoilerTEK Hybrid - Advanced Oxygen Trim concept combines reduced electric power and reduced fuel consumption for a more efficient boiler and to save you money.

Oxygen Trim Control is nothing new. It was first used on boilers in the 40's and 50's. It is the same principle that is used on today's automobile. An Oxygen Sensor located in the exhaust gas stream measures the products of combustion and adjusts the fuel/air ratio for optimum combustion on a continuous basis. It saves significant amounts of fuel/money. It has been rarely used on small boilers because of the equipment cost.

Normally to apply O2 Trim to a small boiler, the jackshaft, which operates the fuel and air from a single point, must be split so the air can be controlled independently from the fuel. Two actuators must be used. These actuators as they wear can lose the repeatability needed for precise fuel/air ratio control. This can lead to potential fuel operator and air operator miss match. The result can be catastrophic fuel/air ratio errors. (see below)

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Variable Frequency Drives or VFDs are another widely used energy saving device. They are easy to install, dependable, and maintenance free. They are especially economical when used on electric motors that rarely run at full speed. (see below)

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The BoilerTEK Hybrid System uses a combination of Oxygen Trim and VFD to reduce fuel consumption and electric energy. This allows us to keep the jackshaft intact and reduce fuel/air ratio errors. (see below)

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Your typical firetube type boiler being used for heating rarely operates at high load, however, the Forced Draft Fan runs at full speed all of the time. With the BoilerTEK Hybrid System the fan speed can be reduced by as much as one third. It also reduces the decibel level in your boileroom.

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The BoilerTEK™ Hybrid System consists of:

  • one pressure transmitter or RTD depending on whether the boiler is steam or hot water
  • one O2 Analyzer
  • one BoilerTEK Programmable Controller
  • one VFD of your choice.

The Controller is programmed to serve as the boiler master with one loop and the oxygen trim with the second loop. In turn the output is split between the single point position actuator and the VFD. O2 trim is achieved by adjusting the air. There are also provisions for purge and light off for multiple fuels.

What market will BoilerTEK Hybrid fit?
With the current emphasis on going green and reducing fuel and electricity consumption it is a perfect solution. It can be easily retrofitted to any small boiler. Typical applications would be firetube boilers rated for 150 Horsepower up to watertube boilers in the 50,000 lbs./hr. range. There are hundreds of thousands of these boilers in service in locations such as hospitals, universities, high schools, large apartment buildings, and most industrial plants.

Why would you want to buy it?
As a reference, this system completely built, installed, and commissioned should not cost more than $20,000. ROI should be less then a year with the current cost of fuel and electricity.

How do you commission it?
Once we receive an order we will require a set of drawings of your boiler electronics and will in turn supply a set of drawings for installation of the BoilerTEK Hybrid System. Installation can be performed by any qualified customers electrician, or electrical contractor of choice. Commissioning will require a BoilerTEK rep. Or qualified burner technician. Training is available at our office or at your location.

The BoilerTEK Hybrid System is designed to bring your boilers into the 21st Century and SAVE YOU MONEY.

Please review our Hybrid Brochure.

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