Oxygen Trim

For Your BoilerTEK™ Boiler Controls System

By implementing a BoilerTEK™ Oxygen Trim System you can expect to improve your combustion efficiency by a minimum of 3 to 5%.

Your fuel savings can pay for a new system in as little as six months. No other boiler upgrade produces as much savings for the investment. With todays advanced technology, the current Oxygen Analyzers available will run flawlessly for years with only an annual calibration check at most.

Just as the Oxygen Trim in your automobile (yes, we said automobile) runs without notice of the driver and continuously trims your autos fuel/air ratio, your BoilerTEK™ Trim System will do the same. ( As a side note, the oxygen sensor and trim technology used in your auto was first developed for the boiler industry in the early 70s. I know, I was there and helped.)

The Trim strategy we use has been used successfully for over thirty years. It is tried and proven and provides for all the extra functions that make it more effective than most of the systems now in use.

It features:

  • Simple operator adjustable bias allows operator intervention during abnormal conditions.
  • Trim is limited to prevent a potential unsafe condition upon analyzer fault.
  • Potential low load windup is eliminated.

The best part about our BoilerTEK™ Advanced Oxygen Trim is you won’t even know it is there, until you pay your (surprisingly lower) fuel bill.

If you want to know more about how it works give us a call or email us about our boiler control system.


oxygen trim lg

Oxygen Trim Control


fuel air curves lg

Fuel / Air Curves Adjustment Screen


master tuning lg

A Typical Tuning Display

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oxygen trim

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