Programmable Controller

For your BoilerTEK™ System

Combining the latest technology such as dual processors, multicolor displays, and blockware configuration, and our 35 years of boiler control knowledge, we present the BoilerTEK™ Programmable Controller.


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Drum L

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Alarm Page

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Aux Loop

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Over the years we have applied almost every manufacturers' programmable controller available to boiler controls applications. We have finally found the best one.

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We have developed, installed, tested, and are making available the following boiler control loops:

  • Plant Master with adjustable pressure or temperature setpoint
  • Boiler Master with Bias
  • Boiler Master – Jackshaft Control
  • Boiler Master – with Fuel – Parallel Control
  • Boiler Master – with Forced Draft – Parallel Control
  • Forced Draft with or without Oxygen Trim – Parallel or Cross Limited Control
  • Fuel – Parallel or Cross Limited – Multiple Fuels
  • Draft Control – Negative Pressure Boiler
  • Outlet Damper Control – Package Boiler
  • Oxygen Trim Control – also with Variable Frequency Fan Drive
  • Drum Level Control – 1, 2, & 3 Element Switchable – Optional Comensation

We also have other auxiliary loops such as:

  • Feedwater Pressure Control
  • D.A. Tank Level and Pressure Control
  • Transfer Pump Pressure Control, and more.

The BoilerTEK Programmable Controller comes with Ethernet standard and all current popular forms of communication such as Modbus, Lan, Lon, OPC, etc.

All controllers come with a standard hard manual bypass which can even allow a complete controller changeout without disturbing your process.
The BoilerTEK Programmable Controller has selectable trends, dual loop display, meter display, and alarm display. A special feature is a pop-up alarm window with text for operator actions.

For boiler tuning by a qualified technician, f(x) curves are easily accessable by a password through the display. Curves for Forced Draft Damper Position, Fuel Valve Position, Air Flow, Fuel Flow, Oxygen Trim Setpoint, etc. are available.

The BoilerTEK Programmable Controller can be used to update a single control loop or a complete boiler combustion control system. Once installed, tuning is easily accomplished through the faceplate display with the aid of multiple point trends.

The BoilerTEK Programmable Controller is a great alternative to our standard BoilerTEK System when a complete controls upgrade is not required.

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BoilerTEK™ Programmable Single Loop Controller

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