Endless Possibilities

With Our BoilerTEK™ PLC System


The BoilerTEK™ PLC has endless communication possibilities.

Modules are available for the following:

  • Ethernet
  • RS-232-C
  • DeviceNet
  • FL-net
  • GP-IB
  • And more

It is also OPC ready and MODBUS capable. The BoilerTEK™ PLC is even capable of troubleshooting and maintenance via email. And it can send text alarm messages to an operator's cell phone to remotely alert them to changing plant conditions and instruct them on corrective action.

On a recent project for the Ford Motor Company we installed BoilerTEKs™ on three of their field erected boilers. As an added part of the project, Ford asked us to work with Siemens to set up communications with their plantwide data acquisition system. With the addition of a ModBus Module to the PLC rack we then added a block to the existing configuration. The new configuration was simply downloaded and Siemens was able to view all boiler alarms and pertinent operating information.

The BoilerTEK™ PLC has tremendous speed, power and capability. Combine all these features with a three year warranty and its unbeatable.

Did you know?

oxygen trim

BoilerTEKTM with an Oxygen Trim option can save you tons of money

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Use Remote Access to check on your plant at any time from your home or office.

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ns cis ys1000

BoilerTEK™ Programmable Single Loop Controller

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